Fulfilling your growing needs.

Too many growing families let their need for more space force them to move to a bigger home – long before they’re ready to take that costly step. Moving can mean newschools, leaving old friends and familiar neighborhoods, and a longer commute to work –needlessly disrupting your family’s life.

Why move if there is a better solution to your space problem? Instead, why not let Lockhart Construction make your existing home for your growing needs with a roomy new addition?

Designed to enhance the style and appearance of your home, an addition can provide both the extra space you need and the amenities to make it even more livable. From needing a new master suite or guest room, perhaps even including a private bath, a gourmet kitchen with a charming breakfast room to a private home office for telecommuting, we’ve created them all with enduring quality and distinctive style.

Let us show you how an addition to your home is a better answer to your growing needs.

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